An intimate relationship is often the most powerful vehicle that most of us have for waking up . . . Luckily, intimacy is going to give us exactly what we need to work on in order to relax our refusal to be fully present - to relax into expansive awareness and openheartedness.

~Bruce Tift, Already Free: Buddhism Meets Psychotherapy on the Path of Liberation.

From a systems perspective and as a PACT-certified therapist, I am passionate about working with systems theory, attachment theory, arousal regulation, and developmental neuroscience to assist couples in becoming more secure in their functioning. This is a very effective, highly interactive, and collaborative process that supports couples in developing a better understanding of each other and leads to healthier, more fulfilling, and satisfying relationships.

Through this intimate process, you will explore who you are as individuals in relationship to each other and the dynamic relational field between you. By working directly with both the conflicts based in habituated actions and strengths of your relationship, we can find a path of lower stress, more effective support of each other, clearer communication and boundaries, and a healthier, more satisfying, and sustainable way of being together.

Couples sessions are a minimum of 85 minutes and can be 115 minutes as well.