Life Transitions: Adolescents and Adults

Transformation in Transition. The opportunity to transform ourselves into the person that we want to be is possible. Working from the basis of change being the only constant, I have found that the most effective way to realize such changes in ourselves is to do so in relationship with others. Together we can explore whatever transition you are experiencing as an opportunity for transforming your life. The therapeutic relationship is a unique way to see what is possible for ourselves with guidance and support. Areas of exploration include supportive structure, commitments, communication, boundaries, needs, emotions, feelings, resourcing, the three brain approach (body, heart, mind), mindfulness practices. Work with adolescents often includes direct support of parents as well.

Adolescence (pre-puberty through the completion of brain development between 23-26 years old) is the bridge between the critical developmental stages of childhood and becoming an adult. This is a thrilling, confusing, and dynamic time for those experiencing it and those supporting adolescents, such as parents and caregivers. As such, it is the fertile ground for exploring healthy paths to change that work within the variety of systems adolescents interact with. I have years of experience working with adolescents and their families in a wide variety of contexts that give me a wide purview and perspectives from which to support adolescents within their systems so that their lives work better for all involved.

In working with life transitions and adolescents, I focus on creating structure, clarity, self-empowerment, self-responsibility, communication, and mindful awareness. A critical element of this work is coordination with the family system in whatever manner feels appropriate for each situation. Sessions focus on the individual, but can expand to include parents and siblings. This is a very practical, clear, and empowering process.